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For parents in LA Needing a Date Night Out Here's The Buzz on Strawberry Fuzz

The Buzz on Strawberry Fuzz by Jennika Ingram         Strawberry Fuzz is reinvigorating the Venice music scene with their surf punk sound. This breakout band went from playing backyard house parties around Venice to playing venues like The Venice West, and the Troubadour in a matter of months. Photo credit: Derek Perlman          It all started with a couple of friends hanging out and making music. Vocalist Colby Rogers didn’t know what was going to happen when he began skating over to the home of music producer Alex Arias on Friday nights. They just began writing songs. As the songs kept pouring out, they realized maybe they had something.          Strawberry...

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Helping Your Child Understand Self-Care by Contributor Lance Cody-Valdez

Helping Your Child Understand Self-Care  by Lance Cody-Valdez Photo Credit: Image via Pexels Engaging in self-care for children can help them learn to identify their physical and emotional needs. This can aid in developing healthy habits for the rest of their lives by giving them the knowledge to know when they require a break. As a parent, you can help. This article on the Mom’s Turn Journal blog is sharing some tips to make the process a little easier. Make Your Children a Priority In today’s world, it can be difficult for families to find time to spend together. Whenever you are not spending time together, this leaves children more vulnerable to partaking in risky behaviors as they get older. By spending time...

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