5 Reasons to Remember to Play Volleyball this Summer If You Live in Venice Beach

5 Reasons Why Playing Volleyball Can Improve Your Summer in Venice Beach

By Jenn Ingram

  1. Exercise. Volleyball is a fantastic way to play a high-intensity activity while taking in the breathtaking beach scenery. Volleyball can burn up to 600 calories an hour!  You may stay in shape and increase your overall physical endurance by playing volleyball, which is a dynamic game that requires continual movement. 
  2. Meet New People and Create a Sense of Community: Volleyball isn't only about playing; it's also about creating a sense of community. You have the opportunity to connect with people who share your enthusiasm for the sport by joining the league. In Venice, you can join the Beach Volleyball Association and they play right there on the beach by 25th Avenue near the Washington Pier.
  3. Learn and Develop Your Skills: There are many ways to improve at Volleyball, whether you're a beginner or have prior volleyball experience. One of the fastest ways is to take classes and join a league. The BVA and other volleyball associations have experienced coaches. You can learn to serve and spike and set and block, to name a few things.

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  1. Enjoy the Beach Atmosphere: Soak up the sunshine by playing right on the beach. Allow the sand to caress your feet, bask in the sun’s rays, and inhale the invigorating ocean breeze while immersing yourself in the thrill of a spirited volleyball match. The beach adds an element of overall tranquility and pleasure, elevating your sporting experience to new heights.
  2. Compete and Have Fun: For those who enjoy the thrill of competition, BVA provides avenues to engage in tournaments and demonstrate your skills. Participating in friendly matches can be exhilarating and fulfilling, and allow you to grow and push your limits. All levels can join the BVA, regardless of their skill level.

No matter your goals, whether it’s staying physically active, hoping to meet new friends, honing your skills, savoring the beach atmosphere, or engaging in amicable competition. Those are five good reasons to delight in a game of beach volleyball this summer.

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