About the Author

Jennika Ingram is a journalist, anchor, researcher, scriptwriter, and humorist.

​She writes to impact and create social change for women and their families, as well as bring a smile to their faces.

Jennika writes for Venice Living Magazine, the Santa Monica Spotlight, and Living Brentwood. She is a former staff reporter for the Palisadian-Post newspaper, mxdwn.com, and 90272 Magazine and has a feature in Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper. Her book Mom's Turn was granted a Mom's Choice Award in 2020.

She's been interviewed on "Good Day, Sacramento," "New Day, Northwest," "Afternoon Live," "All In With Bryan Weatherford," "Reading With Your Kids" podcast and more.

Based in Venice Beach, California, and Vancouver, BC, she is a proud dual citizen of the United States and Canada. 

Testimonials for Mom's Turn
"This isa wonderful book. It enlightens the reader and takes them on a journey where pearls of wisdom are spread throughout fun activities and nuggets of advice." Brian Irwin, Monster Studios, Nashville, Tennessee 
"Mom’s Turn’ is a delightful and entertaining read filled with a vast array of helpful information and tips for the new mother. Jennika has an uncanny ability to communicate with compassion, practicality and humour, offering a plethora of unique insights and techniques on how to enjoy that precious and intense first year of the child’s life to the fullest." Lyza Ulrych, a Canadian Mom 


"As a never-married no kids single professional woman you had me giggling at the exploits of mothers. Equally, the sad tales hit the mark and a new appreciation for the 'other' side of childbirth. I found it saucy, informative, heart-rending and so clever. You held my attention and educated me from page to page." Eileen Hendry, Retired Psychologist 

 "I am so enjoying Mom’s Turn! What a wonderful guide to parenthood, filled with thoughts, reflections, crafts, and, most importantly, guidance....This will be my “go-to” gift for new Moms!" Sandy Climan, Film Producer of "The Aviator," "U2 3D" & President of Entertainment Media Ventures, Inc.
"I’m a man of three daughters and this book is a must for all Dads." Brad Epstein, Panther Films, Film Producer of "About A Boy," "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" and more...   


"Mom's Turn Journal is a Mom's Choice Award Gold Award winner! This is a powerful resource for new Mom's."  Nicola MacCameron, Hendre Book Services 

"This is a fantastic resource that every mom and soon to be mom should have. Jennika Ingram has taken the traditional new mom’s memory book / journal to a whole new level." Jed Doherty review on Goodreads 

"The pending arrival and raising of a new infant is an awe-inspiring stage of the Family Life Cycle. This is the Family Expansion stage. Whether you are coupled or single, younger or older, your family is expanding. Your parent(s) will have a new grandchild, your sibling(s) will have a new niece or nephew and you will have much more responsibility!         

"Help with this new life stage is handily available thanks to Jennika Ingram’s interactive journal: Mom’s Turn. Thanks to Jennika, you are not alone in trying to do as all parents try to do, and that is raise a great kid!

"Mom’s Turn is filled with insights, suggestions, and exercises that will do wonders for your confidence and for the wellbeing of your newborn throughout the first year. Keep this book handy. A big recommend from me!" Sheldon Walker, M.S., Registered Psychologist, Clinical Fellow, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Former Advice Columnist for Canada's National newspaper: The Globe and Mail