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5 Reasons to Remember to Play Volleyball this Summer If You Live in Venice Beach

5 Reasons Why Playing Volleyball Can Improve Your Summer in Venice Beach By Jenn Ingram Exercise. Volleyball is a fantastic way to play a high-intensity activity while taking in the breathtaking beach scenery. Volleyball can burn up to 600 calories an hour!  You may stay in shape and increase your overall physical endurance by playing volleyball, which is a dynamic game that requires continual movement.  Meet New People and Create a Sense of Community: Volleyball isn't only about playing; it's also about creating a sense of community. You have the opportunity to connect with people who share your enthusiasm for the sport by joining the league. In Venice, you can join the Beach Volleyball Association and they play right there...

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An Audition Story and Book Review of “The Audition”

By Jenn Ingram       I was sitting in a hotel restaurant in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in April 2023. The restaurant had booths and a fun, interactive staff. I remember feeling very happy to be there. I had just spent the previous seven hours sleeping and the previous 12 hours before that hanging out with high school friends, having a blast, drinking and eating and chatting. Now it was time to get back to reality.      My television commercial agent from Los Angeles, CA, was sending me tons of auditions. This might be routine if I were an actor, but I am not. I am a journalist. I don’t have much acting experience at all. So I was in...

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Review of Chomp by Carl Hiaasen - A Book for Middle Schoolers

Book Review of “Chomp” by Carl Hiaasen:  When You Read a Book You Didn’t Know Was Meant For Teens and Laugh Out Loud - Jenn Ingram Genre: Fiction Type: Young Adult, Adventure Audience age: Ages 11-17 Available in Paperback and Hardcover, Audiobook and Kindle. It’s excellent in audiobook form with the narrator the voice of actor James Van Der Beek, known for "Dawson’s Creek." Themes: Animals, Adventure Environment, Friendship, Child abuse, Responsibility, Finances      It’s common to come across free book libraries scattered around our neighborhood. It’s Venice Beach in the spring of 2023. Near my house is a little book shelf on a walk street. I bring books to the free library during my morning walk with my...

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