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Interview with Carol Fishman Cohen & "Mommy Waitress"

Mommy Waitress When Michelle Villemaire, Palisadian mother of two, sat at Patrick’s Roadhouse in Santa Monica, writing her blog HomeMadeMimi, she found herself daydreaming. As she watched the servers in the hustle and bustle of their shift, she wondered, “Would the skills I learned as a mother make me a better waitress?” Villemaire decided to find out. The owner of Patrick’s Roadhouse, Anthony Fischler, agreed to let her take a shift. On Sunday, June 1, Villemaire worked a 9-3 pm shift as a waitress trainee. Villemaire was a trained waitress. Her previous positions included Boston University’s Stage Deli and Los Angeles’ Sky Bar, but she had not gone back to the job in over a decade. Villemaire’s tasks included filling water...

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Mom's Turn on Reading With Your Kids podcast

Author Jennika Ingram is on the Reading With Your Kids Podcast to celebrate her new book “Mom’s Turn Journal”. This journal includes a collection of experiences submitted by mothers as well as research from professionals. Jed and Jennika talk about the different choices parents can make, parental wellness and the benefits of reading with your kids. It’s a great conversation putting new parents at the center of a supportive and positive community with the goal of empowerment.

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Teaching Children How to Journal - Article

Excerpt from Teaching Children How to Journal: "Whether children choose to journal to explore their feelings or keep track of their own personal history or what's happening in the world today, journaling is a practice that has the power to help us better process our emotions and experience, and that's a valuable practice right now."

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